4th of July Sale at Pearlridge!

Happy Birthday America! We’ll be at our usual spot outside of See’s Candies in Pearlridge this weekend.

I suppose the point of these blog thingies is to let you all know what we’re thinking, so here goes: I was prepping for the show this morning bleeding from some scratch or other – exhausted as usual – and was reflecting on the largest pot making week i’ve ever done in my life: nearly 2 tons of concrete in one week, all by hand and all alone. In the last batch i made some of the most technically excellent pots to date and was on something of a work high.

I’m off it now in a big way. I’ve made enough pots for another 2-3 sales and i’m not sure i will ever visit my workbench again. The business of making, storing, moving and selling these things has been a blessing but it takes an enormous physical and psychic toll. One i’m not sure i can keep up in my feeble old age. I don’t want to become one of those sad old men, ‘doing stuff’ to pretend to still matter. Perhaps its best to exit the stage while my best – and best cared for – work is in play. I haven’t decided but I’m so very tired…

A heartfelt thank you to all of you. In 15 years we’ve never had an angry customer and it’s been all smiles and warm fuzzy memories. I feel blessed to be able to write that. Keep those plants happy, they’re my epitaph.