About Us

All gardeners live in beautiful places, because they make them so.

~Joseph Joubert

Happy Koi Nursery is a small Mom & Pop (& Pets!) Ornamental Nursery that we opened in 2007 in a backyard of our rented home in Kane`ohe. It’s not easy to grow plants when everything has to be temporary so… in 2011 we bought a home with a big yard in Wahiawa! We tore apart and rebuilt the house as our new nursery with a nice studio space for making pots and permanent greenhouses for our green babies!

Now that the ten year construction period is mostly over (building a home by yourself is NOT easy) we do entertain visitors who cannot make it to one of our many sales. Simply contact us to make an appointment; as it is our home we don’t have regular hours but we can meet you here to make sure our slobbery security team of highly trained rescue animals don’t tackle you into the koi ponds.

Contact Us By Phone or E-Mail

“Mom” is a brilliant scientist who knows how to use phones so you can text her at 808-953-5819. “Pop” is a Luddite who barely knows how to push buttons but on rare days can actually use a phone if you call 808-429-5798. You can also send us an email; manager@happykoinursery.com

Our Staff


Help! A giant spider!

It’s us on our honeymoon in the Forbidden City in Beijing! That’s a 6″ square photo so you can guess at the size of the spider on the picture frame… welcome to country life! Green Acres we are there! (No spiders were harmed in the making of this photo.)

Gershie & Sunbear

Highly Trained Security Team

Rescue doggies are the best doggies! Here they are resting until the next victim walks up to the gate. Barking and jumping ensues! The big one is slobbery but the little guy will do everything he can to knock you over. It’s a puppy thing… we hope.

Sweater the Bunny!

Director of Public Relations

A few lucky people have seen Sweater at some of our sales. It’s sometimes difficult to keep him from nibbling on the wares but it is fun to have him around to share his fluffiness with our customers!

Thanks for Visiting!

When Gardeners garden, it’s not just the plants that grow, but the Gardeners themselves”

~Ken Druse