Along with our plants our little business has grown over the years and it was finally time to once again turn our dirt-stained hands to the keyboard and update our five-year old website. 2021 edit… six-year old website!

August 2021 News: Our Permanent Shop is Open at Pearlridge! 🙂

There’s this, “social media” thing going on and no, we’re not now nor ever going to get involved with that but we have embraced a few new things that actually make sense to us. First is a fun new calendar that you can check to see where we’re going to be! With all the very unfortunate show cancellations in 2020 a calendar was a much needed upgrade. We also added a care page for the plants that we sell. Many of our gardens are given as gifts so now you can refer a new plant parent here to see how to keep them happy!

Plants got a lot to say, if you take the time to listen.”


Welcome back, and enjoy the new site!