2021 Calendar

Hey all! We’re writing this on Christmas Eve of 2020. We just had a fantastic (but tiring… oh how tiring) time at Pearlridge sending our little plants out to new homes. We had originally planned to be there until the mall closed but we nearly completely ran out of plants last night (only had four left) so we gathered what energy we had left and packed up early.

We have the same spot already reserved for 2021 but the future is uncertain (that’s being polite) and no one is sure whether or not anyone will be able to return to everyone’s favorite mall next year.

Rest assured that if its open, we’re going to be there and i’ll update this calendar page to let you all know when. As of now, we’re planning for early February in time for Valentine’s Day.

From Wifey and I at Happy Koi Nursery, a heartfelft Mahalo to all!

-Jun and brian 🙂