2021 Calendar

Here is what we have confirmed so far for 2021. This was written on 2/9/21… sorry i tried to update it earlier but for the life of me i couldn’t remember how this internet/webby thingy works. We open when the mall does and usually stay until 7-ish. I say, “ish” because a lot of the stores around our booth close early and it gets a bit creepy being the only business open. If the other stores are still open then mostly likely we will be! 🙂

February: 10-14 (longer sale) & 26-28

March:  12-14 & 19-21

April:       2-4 & 16-18

May:    6-9 (longer sale) & 21-23

Our planned schedule for Summer was submitted but Pearlridge is still trying to finalize some summer events so they’ll let us know when they get those nailed down.