2021 Calendar

Here is what we have confirmed so far for 2021. This was written on 6/16/21.

We’re still working with the good folks at Pearlridge to get our permanent store opened! Things are a bit busy for them (and us!) so we most likely will not be returning until the new store is completed which we hope will be by Father’s Day in June. Cross your fingers!

February: 10-14 (longer sale) & 26-28

March:  12-21

April: 29 – May 9 (very long sale, plus Mother’s Day!)

May 12-13 (just two days!)

May 14 (We’ll be cleaning up and packing this day but we’ll be there for most of the morning if you’d like to pop by.)

June: 2-6 We’re moving temporarily down to the round section by the nail salon because – and i swear this is true – they’re parking a car in our usual spot! Just look for the lights you can’t miss us.

June: 16-30(?) We’ll definately be there at least through Father’s Day and have requested to stay past that by an additional week through the end of the month. We haven’t heard back yet so we’re going to assume we’re good to go! πŸ™‚

After this we’re hoping to be able to open a permanent shop in Pearlridge! Yay! We’re still working on it and timing depends on a lot of other folks moving around the mall so we’ll let you know as things develop!