Indoor Gardens
What's a Terrarium?      
They're the ultimate indoor garden - a completely sealed environment
that, for the most part, takes care of itself.  
Ours are smaller than most, being designed primarily to perch nicely on a
shelf or a desk and not expected to provide an environment for reptiles or
insects.  We select plants that can thrive in small humid spaces with
very little light; mosses, tiny ferns, and mondo grass abound.
Most of the nicer ones that you see in photos are carefully assembled a
few hours before the photo shoot; in reality terrariums are much more
organic than their centerfold presentations, and they do require trimming
and occasional watering, depending on where they live.

The only thing our terrariums have in common is that they are uniformly
small.  As you can see on the picture to the left, some hang in brass
lanterns, some are small desktop jars, and others are horizontal
cylinders with carefully cultivated moss.  Whichever you choose, each is
a unique creation with its own charm.
Terrarium Care
Keep it out of direct sunlight, but keep it in filtered light
and mist it with water as necessary.  Its a closed
environment so err on the side of shadier over brighter,
and drier over soggier.  Trim as necessary.