Worm Care Tips
Since we've begun offering worms to other home recyclers, we've
fielded all kinds of calls about the trials and tribulations of starting
up your own vermicomposting bin.  The top three questions we get
asked all have to do with, "How Much...?"

#1 "How much water do i add?"  - enough to keep the bedding
moist enough to clump easily but not so wet that you can casually
squeeze water out of it.
#2 "How much food can i put in?"  - It's like feeding fish, add as
much as they eat in a short time; for worms, thats about a day or
two; at first, you only have a few worms so they won't eat much.  
Keep in mind that they multiply over time so they'll eat more.
#3  "How much are the worms?"  -We sell a container of 20 worms
for $8.  The bins, for now, are $48 including the worms.
 Working With Your Worms
Here's some odds and ends:
cellular structure of the food.
  • Chop your scraps.  The idea is to break this stuff down, and a good kitchen knife goes a
    long way toward making that happen early.
  • Use bunny poo!  We have a few bunnies, and the scrapings from their cages make the
    worms very happy!  BE CAREFUL not to use urine-soaked bunny bedding, the ammonia will
    burn the worms!  Just let it sit for a while; we throw ours into a garbage can for a week or
    two before we use it.  Some folks use doggy poo... we draw the line at bunnies.  
  • Fluffy is good!  Keep the worm bedding material turned and fluffy - not squished like the
    layer of gunk on the bottom of dumpsters.