Hooray for the Humble Blueworm!
Why don't we use redworms like everyone else?  We just prefer
Peironyx excavatu
s as a champion recycler!  Here's why:
  • They eat twice as much as the more common redworm,
    consuming their own body weight in waste each day instead
    of only half their body weight.
  • They're not too picky on housing: they don't dig too deep
    and don't mind a slightly warm environment... and let's face it
    - in a worm bin you're not going to be able to dig deep nor
    enjoy a, 'cool' environment even at the back of the garage in
    our tropical heat in Hawai`i.
  • They reproduce quickly!  In ideal conditions, each worm can
    lay up to twenty eggs per week which in turn quickly reach
    egg-laying age themselves in only three to five weeks.
  • They're able to tolerate a wider range of moisture conditions
    than the redworm.
DISCLAIMER:  Worms not
exactly as pictured... they don't
wear flowers nor do they have
big eyes...we're pretty sure they
can be happy though, hence the
smile. :)  
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