Adoption - How to Set Up Your New Lotus
Thank-You for adopting a Lotus from Happy Koi Nursery!  Here are the basic things that you need to
  • Lotus belong to a type of plants known as perennials; plants that go dormant over the winter but
    pop back up in spring.  Winter is somewhat of a foreign concept here in Hawaii but your Lotus
    will know its sleepy time when the Holiday Season arrives.  The leaves will wither away and more
    wrong with your plant – it’s just in its dormant phase.  It will be up and about by Valentine’s Day.

  • The pot that your Lotus will grow in should not be the container that holds the water.  If you plant
    your Lotus directly in the larger container, it will be very happy… but you won’t be; especially
    when it comes time to thin it out during its winter sleepy-time.

  • Although the leaves love sunshine and heat, the roots do not.  If you overheat the roots, the plant
    will be very grumpy.  If you let them dry out, the plant will die.  Try to use a deep pot for the
    water; deep water is cool water; our ponds usually run 85 to 93 degrees at the surface during the
    summer when the leaves shade the water.  The temperature at the roots can be ten degrees

  • Lotuses eat and drink a lot; they like lots of fertilizer and lots of water.  A Lotus in its prime
    growing season can, along with normal evaporation, draw off a tremendous amount of water from
    your pond.  This is why we recommend large containers for the water; if you forget to check it for
    a couple of days it’s not necessarily a death-sentence for your Lotus.
A Lotus is not an itty bitty plant!  They can get quite
large; on the right is a picture of one of our plants
with a quarter balanced in the center of the leaf.  
Now you can see why they are sometimes used as
umbrellas in South East Asia!
Step One - Prepare your water container.  Place it in its final spot and fill it with water; remember to
allow for the displacement that your new plant will bring to the pond.  It’s best to let the water sit for a
while so that its temperature comes up to what your plant is accustomed to; our ponds are usually
between 85 and 93 degrees Fahrenheit at the water surface and your tap water can easily be twenty
degrees colder!  The effect on the plant is similar to dumping cold water on your head while taking a hot
shower – the shock is actually enough to cause serious injury, even death.  It will almost certainly kill
your plant as Lotuses are extremely sensitive to water temperature.

Step Two - Take the plant you got from Happy Koi Nursery and carefully lower it into your chosen water
container.  Add a fertilizer tab if you wish, it’s not impossible to over fertilize a Lotus but it’s hard to do.  
Now would also be a good time to put in some mosquito-chomping fish.  

Step Three - Enjoy!
Three Easy Steps to Enjoying Your New Plant