We were wandering about the nursery one day, and
found a young Malabar Chestnut that had been blown
onto the ground.  It had been there a while, and had
turned 90 degrees up and was growing in the shape of
an 'L.'  We put it back on the bench, and a few hours
later while sorting through odds and ends we found an
incense burner in the shape of a piggy; the poor thing
didn't have a tail and we had the plant so...

A star is born!  Oink!
 Caring for Your Piggy & Plant
Water and occasional fertilizer, just like any other plant.  To water
it, just take the piggy over to your sink and give it a drink of water,
right down the snout!  You can do this once a week, and the plant
will be very happy!
Fertilize LIGHTLY with any time release fertilizer; just add a PINCH
in the back near the... tail.  
Perhaps once per year, take the piggy outside for some nice
sunshine.  It only needs a couple weeks of vacation, then its ready
to get back to work (its hard work being cute, or so we're told)
back in your home or on your office desk.

Other than that, just snip off the occasional dead leaf and you're
ready to go!