Nearly everyone loves plants, and to have a green growing
things indoors is the ultimate goal for many plant lovers.  
Through trial and error (well, killing a lot of plants, sadly)
we've found a plant that for some reason does extremely well
indoors; so much so that it doesn't even need to be near a
window.  As long as it can see a window, it'll work in any
normal home or office.
It's the Malabar Chestnut (
Pachira aquatica) also known as
the "Good Luck Plant" or, "Money Plant."  It's neither good
luck nor a money plant, unless you happen to be the
Taiwanese taxi driver that first tied these plants into odd
shapes and made a fortune selling them.  We sell ours in a
variety of different containers, some handmade from our
popular hypertufa mix, and some whimsical and fanciful, to
add a splash of giggle into your home.
 Bringing the Outdoors Indoors
 Ways To Enjoy Indoor Plants