Handmade & Hand-Carved
These are handmade and designed to fit easily on a coffee
table or desk.  They're the most, "organic' of any of the
various pots that we make, since they're assembled slowly
over a period of weeks from the leftover concrete mix from
our other projects.  Each shape is unique, and they're
usually the last thing we make on any given day so a bit
more time than usual is lavished on each one.  
Other than that, they're just pots.  The compositions and
dressings are selected to work well together and serve our
particularly Asian aesthetic, as well as complementing the
hand-carved (ok, we admit with a power tool) rocks
accompanying each pot.
 Hypertufa Pots with Carved Stones
  What's Written on that Rock?
The rocks display popular Chinese cultural sayings
used to teach moral or character lessons, much as we
would quote Shakespeare today.  There are a number
of different ones, selected for the purpose by the nicest
side of Happy Koi Nursery, my Wifey!  (My job is
website, handmade things, driving the truck, and lifting
ridiculously heavy things.)
This carving is a quote from the Tao Te Ching, a rich
source of inspiration for generations of traditional
Chinese philosophy, religon and art.  Penned by the
famous philosopher Lao Tse sometime in the 6th
century, the original quote is:

We have other carvings as well, too much to list here.  
Find us at a show and just ask!  
“Man’s way is the way of Earth, Earth's
way is the way of Heaven, Heaven’s
way is the True Way, and the True
Way is Nature’s Way.”