Fancy Guppies! - Poecilia reticulata
Guppies are the most popular freshwater fish in the
world because they're easy to care for, they breed
easily, and they're really pretty!
We breed our own, Blue Lyretails, Blue Diamonds, Red
Fantails, etc.  The prettiest of them are offered in a
small pond that fits on your desk, like the one shown to
the left with Red Fantail Guppies.
The plant will grow quite happily indoors, it just needs a
little light - artificial light will do nicely!
 Guppies are Back!
 Caring For Your Guppy Pond
It's a tiny ecosystem; you feed the fish, the fish
produce poo, the poo fertilizes the plant which in turn
keeps the water clean.  Easy!
We feed ours every other day - just a bit of food, as
much as they can completely eat in half a minute.  
Don't leave leftover food in the pond - the decaying
food produces toxins.
The plants require no more work than the occasional
trim - the fish will take care of fertilizing them.