Bettas! - Betta splendens
Bettas originally come from Southeast Asia. They were
the first tropical fish to be introduced into the aquarium
trade in Europe because of their ability to breathe air
through a specialized organ in their heads which allowed
them to survive the long overseas trip.
Caring for them is very easy:
  • Feed them about twice per week.
  • Change the water as needed.  In Hawai`i you can
    use straight tap water from your sink. We change
    the water in our tanks monthly.
  • Keep them covered, sometimes (rarely) they jump
Hooray for the Humble Betta!
Are they okay in those small bowls?
The short answer is yes, bigger would be better... but if you
can live in an apartment so can they!
The truth is that Bettas are VERY territorial so to be kept
together they have to be in a very large tank to keep them
from killing each other and your average pet shop isn't
going to dedicate the space to do that, so they keep them
in containers similar to the ones in which they're sent from
Thailand.  Small, tiny little bottles.
The bowls we use are four times larger than the ones we
buy them in, so compared to where we get them they're in
much better accommodations.  Bettas are not as fussy
about water quality as other fishes, but just to make sure
they're happy we change the water monthly to make sure
that they have a nice clean pond to play in!