As Promised - Here's How We Make The Pots!
We get asked about our concrete work a lot, and at the average show we spend a lot of time just
describing how to make our signature pots.  The recipe is very simple, but so is the one for a
Baked Alaska... experience is everything when making hypertufa, not unlike baking.  Here's the
recipe that we've found gives the best texture for hand molding:

  • One part (by volume) Portland Cement. NOT aggregate mixture! Buy from Bonded
    Materials on Sand Island; I tried asking for Portland Cement from Home Depot and the
    salesperson wouldn't sell me any until i called it Hawaiian Cement.  Takes all kinds...
  • One part (by volume) peat moss.  It's expensive unless you buy it in nursery quantities.
  • One part (by volume) #2 perlite.   Also pricey at consumer quantities.
  • Some Polarset (Bonded Materials again), if you like.  If you're using molds, this is a
    wonderful additive - it makes the initial set happen quickly, so you can re-use the mold.  
    Unfortunately, it's also very pricey.  Very.  And only available in 5 gallon quantities.

Combine the dry materials until they're well mixed.  SLOWLY add water until you reach the
consistency you need: for molding a dry mixture is better.  For a stickier mixture dust in some dry
Portland Cement.  

 This is no joke, you're going to discover a whole new meaning for pain if
you get perlite in your lungs.  You were warned!
  But...How Do You Get That Beautiful Texture?!?!
The technique is called, "drybrushing" and i learned how to do it while painting miniature armies
to play wargames with... geek hobbies pay off yet again!  Look it up on the internet, there are
Spray the concrete with the spray paint, even if you dyed it.  Let it dry, COMPLETELY.  Put white
paint on the old brush.  Wipe it off.  Slap the concrete surface around with it.  That's all there is
to it!  Again, its like the aforementioned Baked Alaska, experience is everything!