Bamboo Fountains
Splashing water is fun, and of course we make things that go splash!  
Our popular desktop/small fountains are made from actual bamboo...
and unfortunately they're so popular that we don't have any pictures
of them because we sold them all.
On the left is the fountain we use in our pond at home; some of you
may recognize it, we sometimes take it to shows.  It demonstrates what
happens when you use natural bamboo... see the algae?  We have to
powerwash it every now and again.  If we had to do it again, we'd
make it out of pvc - much lower maintenance.
We can custom make them for you, in nearly any size.  Every fountain
we sell is, "plug-and-play" - you don't have to do anything but carry it
home and plug it in; no fussing with pipes, pumps, etc.  If you're the
type that enjoys slamming your fingers in car doors, "raw" fountains
without the plumbing are available for a reduced cost.
  Fountain/Waterfall Pricing and Specifications
Everything we make is a custom product; this is just
a fancy sales way of saying that we don't make
them in sufficient quantity to get them
manufactured for us - we have to make them in our
garage.  This means that the price and specs vary
wildly depending on application: the main factor is
fountain / waterfall overall mass (the materials we
use are a bit pricey, good stuff always is) and the
height / volume of the water lift to fit your
requirements.  To give you an idea, a 4-5' (above
the waterline) bamboo fountain would be about
$300.  Give us a call and we can spec one out for
your pond!
We didn't make this one, God did.  We could
match it though, but it would take a while and
probably cost a LOT