How to Contact Us
By Phone: 808-429-5798       
We are often out in the nursery planting, fertilizing, trimming,
splitting, watering, cleaning... we're actually pretty busy folks!  Since
a lot of our plants are in ponds, we don't usually trot about with
electronic equipment on us - so our cell phones stay safely in the
house while we're up to our elbows in water.  This means that if you
try to call us, you're likely to get an answering machine; just leave a
message, we'll call back as soon as we can.

By email:
We have email, but we don't check it often unless we're expecting a
message.  Calling is a better method of contacting us if you need to
get a quick response.

By Social Media: yourstupidphoneisannoying@movies.idiot
Twitter, Facebook, etc. etc... no.  Just.... no.
How to Visit Us
We are a small backyard nursery up in a beautiful town
in the highlands called Wahiawa.  Since our nursery is
quite literally in our backyard we feel that it would be
somewhat less than wise than to put out address up on
the internet but if you call us (phone number above) we'd
be happy to give you directions on where to find us;
we've had many visitors here and look forward to more!

Keep in mind though that we're still renovating the house
(VERY EXTENSIVE renovations) and you will be visiting
an active construction site, so bring shoes!