Tillandsia - Living in Air
From the cloudy mountains of South America!
Tillandsias belong to a type of plant known as epiphytes - plants
that don't have any connection to the soil and support themselves
by hanging off of something else.  In fact, that's all their roots are
used for - to make sure that they don't fall down!  All of the nutrients
that the plant uses are taken up in the spray of long stringy leaves.  
Ours are presented mounted on sun-dried Kiawe wood in a
hypertufa base created for each mount.  Where possible, we've
attached the species name and cultivar.  A few rare specimens are
mounted onto Milo wood which is HARD to find, but at least its easy
to carry down from the mountains!
Tillandsia only flower once in their lives.  Once they flower they die -
though it can take several years for the plant to finally completely
die off.  However, they reproduce several 'pups' after flowering, so
you can just snip them off and you have a new plant!
Tillandsia Care
They're actually VERY easy to care for, just follow these simple
  • Water them at least once per week - some people just dunk them
    in a bucket but you can also use a light mister and get them nice
    and drippy.  Think clouds in the Andes!
  • They benefit from a light fertilization now and again.  Use a liquid
    fertilizer at half strength.
  • Tillandsia grow from the tip out, leaving dead tissue behind.  This
    means that as the plant grows its going to slip out of its mounting
    on the Kiawe wood base.  Just clear off the dead parts and
    secure it back into its mount - either with wire or low-temp hot
    glue, depending on type.