A Flowering Aquatic Iris!
Nice isn't it?  This one doesn't
bloom often and on this plant
we actually got a double flower!  
Our Original Water Lily!
Basking in front of our trusty
farm vehicle; its the parent plant
of our famous Bonsai Water
Growing Along With Our Plants!
A lot has changed during the years since we sold our first
Lotus in 2008. In that time, we've picked up a few things
that have prompted a complete rebuild of not only our
nursery but also our website.  

  • Plant people tend to be nice people, and we've
    enjoyed meeting so many that we've moved from a
    wholesale nursery to retail.
  • We've acquired, discovered, and created a lot of
    new plants and garden, 'thingees,' so we've updated
    our catalogue.
  • We've learned quite a bit in the past two years
    about what makes our plants alternately happy or
    grumpy, and we want to share what we've learned!

So... welcome to all the friends we've made over the years,
and hello to new ones!  Enjoy the website!
2012 is Here and We've Moved!
We're now safely (if a bit soggily) up in our new home in
Wahiawa!  The greenhouse is built (mostly) and the plants
have had a chance to recover so wer're back up and
running again and looking forward to seeing all of you at this
years shows.
We also have several new introduction waterplants!  Some
variegated varieties of rushes and many different colored
irises to brighten your ponds.  We've also expanded our
inventory to include lots of bamboo!
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